Saturday, June 1, 2019

FLT: faq, such as 'why is "full lotus" is the best meditation position?'

So "full lotus" is the best meditation position?

So "full lotus" is the best meditation position?
Why is this so?
What is the best way to achieve this posture?

Best way is to do do it gradually and safely, supplementing with ideally many short/tiny sessions, but frequent throughout the day stretches/yoga. I've been sitting full lotus for over 3 decades. At the beginning, I could sit about 5 min before pain. It lengthened gradually over the years, now I can sit many hours without discomfort or numbness, as easily as crossing my arms over my chest. I also gradually weaned myself off meditation cushions. All my notes on great stretches to open hips, legs, and best practices here.

But in the bigger picture, posture, whether seated, standing, is far less important than really mastering making the mind and body pacified, deeply relaxed, lucid, clear. That quality of samadhi, undistractible lucidty, not only sharpens the mind and opens it up to easily seeing reality clearly, but your body will gradually transform, becoming softer, more pliable, stronger immune system, etc.

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