Tuesday, May 28, 2019

1. sati, 2. Dhamma, ... the relationship explained with picture and video

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1. Sati is the biggest item, on the left.
2. What does sati remember? Sati first and foremost remembers ☸Dhamma
3-7. Then the rest of 7sb awakening factors get slurped in.

This is a feature and intention of the oral tradition. An important keyword, like sati, is supposed to make you immediately remember to slurp in important related formulas or concepts. This is by design. Remember, they didn't have computers, books, etc. They remembered what was important, and recollected it frequently to keep them in mind. That's right remembering, sammā sati.

So Remember

When you see a single important term in the EBT,
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Don't assume it's just that one term at face value. It's often implied to contain a whole set of items, which may be in the form of a causal sequence, or a collection of independent factors, or even both simultaneously (8aam and 7sb for example both are causal sequences and independent factors in many contexts).

Image result for russian dollImage result for russian doll
Image result for russian doll
Image result for russian doll chapanaka sutta! yes!

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