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FAQ: Which books teach jhana more in line with earliest Buddhist teachings?


Hi Frank, I have seen you in a few places reference that a lot of the meditation instructions on jhana (Pa-Auk’s for instance) aren’t faithful to EBT. Are there any books you’d recommend for jhana instruction you fee more directly rely on EBT?

Suggested books and articles

under the eightfold noble path section of my website under samma samadhi:

4👑☸ → ☂️🌄 → 👑8☸ → 8🌄 :

check out the sections


🔗Teachers who teach 4 Jhānas correctly, according to EBT suttas, not LBT redefinition of jhāna

EBT compliant Jhāna commentaries

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

All of his books are free, all of his views on Jhāna are EBT compliant:

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Should we come out of Jhāna to practice Vipassanā?

Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English (from wisdom pub)

His older published books and writings on Jhāna follow Vism. and is NOT EBT compliant, so beware!

Non EBT commentaries

KN Pe: Peṭakopadesa (pitaka disclosure): everything interesting it says about jhāna & samādhi

Vimt. chapter on 4 jhānas, 4 arupa attainments

Dhyāna Samādhi Sutra chapter on 4 jhānas, 4 arupa attainments, levitation

Ajahn Chah's explanation of Jhāna, samādhi

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

🔗Geoff Shatz, measureless mind

New recommendations 2022

Early Buddhist Meditation: 

The Four Jhanas as the Actualization of Insight (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism) 1st Edition
by Keren Arbel (Author)

Frank comments: 

Unfortunately the book is expensive. About 50$, or you can rent it on kindle as an ebook for one month at 15$. It's a great book though, I'll review it in more detail another time.

What You Might Not Know about Jhāna & Samādhi by Kumāra Bhikkhu

link to public draft version of his book: ... sp=sharing

link to discussion thread:
another time.

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