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🔗📝notes on 👑8☸ → 2💭 Sammā-saṅkappo: right resolve

Internal notes

4👑☸👑8☸ 2💭 Sammā-saṅkappo: right resolve

External notes

Are metta and karuna equivalent to right resolve? Or is non-ill will and non-harming broader in meaning?

Proof: A-byāpāda is non ill will, not 'metta', as Theravāda Commentary claims

TITWOW syndrome, 'byāpāda': some translators inconsistently interpret that as "good will" or "free of ill will"

What's the difference between 2. byapada and 3. vihimsa?

Woudn't #3 already presuppose #2?

Interesting discussions on this:

byapada (ill will)

is a mental intention, but is not an intention to act upon that ill-will with bodily action or verbal action. Whereas with

vi-himsa (very-harmful, cruelty)

there is an intention to do bodily harm or verbal harm (with words to cause harm, injury), which is a much more serious karmic consequence if acted upon. 

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