Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Happy belated Valentine's day!

I can't let that day go by without making a reference to one of my favorite topics, asubha.

Pictures are safe for viewing for everyone of all ages.
but read the Readme.txt file first.


The readme.txt file in that directory says:
If you are observing the abstention of vādita-visūkadassanā (listening to music – watching-shows), it's safe to view the 12 images, but do not watch the video in the subdirectory.

This 2010 pin-up calendar is the weird brain child of a German advertising agency called Butter. The idea was to promote Eizo's high-precision displays for medical imaging so they used X-rays to shoot the pin-up models.

The Butter Agency declares that "pin-ups are more often found in auto garages rather than in medical offices." I'll say. "Eizo breaks this taboo," Butter boasts. "This pinup calendar shows absolutely every detail."

response to comments 

Eko Care wrote: 
Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:01 am
I don't think it is good to focus on bad postures intentionally to practice asubha, unless otherwise in an unavoidable situation.
What is your opinion ?
I assume what you mean, is that even a corpse or skeleton in an erotic posture is unsuitable for asubha contemplation because it can still be too sexually stimulating.

Sure I can see your point, but it's going to vary with individuals. Which is why commentaries give advice for men (heterosexual) to contemplate corpses of male bodies, not female. 

What I find helpful in my practice, is to just see the skeleton in everyone, human and animals, at all times, in any activity.
The whole point of male/female distinction is to satisfy the biological imperative to reproduce.
If we train all the time to see that's all it is, it's nature's way to trick us, and develop a strong desire to end dukkha and rebirth, then skeletons are just skeleton with no meaningful distinction of male/female. 

Another contemplation I like to do, all the time, not just in sitting, is just visualize living beings as bundles of white light (with no gender, race, etc). All beings are brothers and sisters of suffering, just wishing to be happy and find an end to suffering.

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