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SN 1.1: What's the answer to the riddle of not standing still nor struggling he crossed the flood?


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I don't agree with the "go with the flow, or slow and steady wins the race" answers offered.

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What does the commentary for that sutta say?
In B. Bodhi's translation, the footnotes would summarize the most interesting parts of the cmy.

My take on SN 1.1:
First of all, it's a paradox meant to stun the listener.
It's designed to be something that sounds impossible with no solution.
But the solution, like with everything else important in EBT suttas,
always comes down to "I only teach dukkha and its cessation."
And what is that way to cessation of dukkha? the middle path (noble eightfold path) that avoids the extremes of useless austerities and indulgence in sensual pleasures.
So the part where one stands still in the flood and sinks, must be giving in to sensual desires and sinking to death and rebirth again and again.
Doing painful and spiritually useless austerities is the struggling against the flood and getting swept away.
Doing jhana, or the noble eightfold path, one is making an effort which is neither standing still nor struggling. With that right effort they will cross the flood.

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