Thursday, February 17, 2022

🔗📝 ☸Dhamma-anu-passana 🐘: collection of notes

the real meaning of the cryptic formula in 4sp satipatthana

AN 7.83, the only definition of 'Dhamma' that really matters, and examples of why 'dhamma' can't be "mental quality" in many places like 'right effort'

Dhamme-dhamma-anupassi means seeing 'dhamma as dhamma as it actually is', for the same reason kaya-anupassana is 'seeing body as body as it actually is' rather than common LBT misinterpretations

2022-feb: KN Iti 39 concise, great description of how to practice Dhamma anu-passana (the 4th frame of sati'paṭṭhāna)

Nearly synonymous

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