Thursday, April 14, 2022

Major update to, easy navigation of suttas, quicklink: the ramifications

Back when I was first reading SN (samyutta nikaya) in print edition book form, the Bhikkhu Bodhi translation, it was really difficult. Why? Reading along something like 20-50 pages a day, I could never tell where the heck I was. Because each sutta title had a bunch of different reference numbers, some  in parenthesis, to represent different numbering systems for SN. You couldn't easily tell what level of nesting you were in, and as you went through different chapters and read redundant suttas (or just barely changed from a similar sutta in the same chapter, or even from other chapters hundreds of  pages earlier), you really got lost. 

One of my goals in making was to have simple,  intuitive sutta navigation, clear reference numbers in the titles, and always knowing exactly where you are.

If you are a power user, someone who looks up suttas frequently using the modern numbering system, then you're going to really appreciate and love the new improvements.

Info on updates on sutta quicklink features: 🔗❔ℹ️  

The downside

In order to make the quicklink system easy to implement, some of the sutta collections are now single huge files (1 megabyte to 2 megabytes long sometimes). Before this update, sutta files and collections were generally many small files.

This means if you have metered internet, slow internet, or expensive internet you have to by money by the megabyte, you don't want to be casually browsing suttas.

I'm investigating PWA and other alternatives to make on offline version of the available, but this may not happen for a few years.

I'm a one man show, and generally don't want to spend more than 2 hours a day improving the website.

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