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new feature sutta quick link

New feature, accessed from homepage

try out new feature here:

The quick link feature is on the line where the Sutta nikaya menus are located:

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Load up the sutta from a sutta reference like "MN 17" by typing it in with the keyboard without having to navigate through menus.

Sutta is opened up in a new tab of the browser window.

 The sutta quick link you type in with your keyboard:

1)  Is not case sensitive

2)  not sensitive about extra white spaces at beginning or ending of the input line.

3) not sensitive about white space between nikaya and sutta number. Both "mn 17" and "mn17" work.

quick linkable Sutta groups

DN‍ (1-34) : Dīgha Nikāya 

MN‍  (1-152)Majjhima Nikāya 

AN (1-11)

SN (1-56)

EBT books from KN‍ : Khuddaka Nikāya
1) Kp (1-9)  = Pāṭha, Khuddaka-pāṭha: short-reading

2) Dhp (1-423)  = Dhamma-pada: a line or stanza of the Norm. (nt.)
3) Ud (1.1 - 8.x)  = Udāna: [inspired] Utterances
4) Iti (1-112) = Iti-vuttaka: Thus (was it) said
5) Snp (1.1 - 5.18) = Sutta Nipāta: discourse - section, falling down, descending

8) Thag  (1.1 - 21.1) = Thera-gāthā: Elder [monk] - verses
9) Thig (1.1 - 16.x)  = Therī-gāthā: Elder [nun] - verses

MA (1-222)  madhyama agama (not all suttas there)

mab (1-222) BDK english translation of MA

Non EBT but useful and/or relevant to EBT

Vb (1-13): Ab Vibhanga. Books (14-18) are also accessible, but pāḷi and english are not lined up well.

Examples of valid search strings:


dn 25

  dn 17  

MN 117

mN 3

Mn 4


What's not working

For SN and AN, all the unique complete suttas should be there.

But repetition series, heavily ellided suttas and suttas with no names,  are not accessible yet until I put in html tags for those suttas. As of 4/14/2022, some I've support, like AN 1 is complete, but many others are not. 

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