Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Re: You can hear sounds in the four jhanas, AN 10.72, and is 'Theravada' an oxymoron?

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A. Bhikkhu wrote: Thu May 12, 2022 2:39 am... I find it just not fair that you either deliberately or inadvertently don't grant that the commentaries provide in the very least an equally cogent account on how to understand jhāna. That indicates to me, that some bias remains with you that clouds seeing alternatives...
Dear Bhante,

You address a number of interesting points that merit their own discussion, perhaps at a later time, but I just want to address the most important one.
I do have a bias, but one that doesn't work against me. I'm biased in wanting to follow Buddha Gotama's authentic instructions. Everything we have inherited from the ancient sanghas is hear say, unconfirmed. So I'm open to any new evidence and will change my mind instantly if evidence is compelling. Ultimately, it's not even Buddha Gotama I'm loyal to, the only allegiance I have is to truth.

If someone could show compelling evidence that what the Koran teaches actually accords with the natural laws of reality, the truth, and Buddha got it wrong, I'd renounce Buddhism and become a Muslim tomorrow.

So that's my bias and I openly admit it.

I admit that commentaries provide an alternative account, but despite objectively and giving it fair review, I don't find the commentaries (in their entirety) equally cogent. There are inconsistencies, contradictions. They're incoherent (in their entirety).

Individually, some of the commentary is coherent with a sensible reading of the EBT using a consistent dictionary.

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