Thursday, July 21, 2022

🔗📝 collection of notes on 'pasāda, pasanna' (confidence, serene, settling, bright, ...)



The entry for Pasada in the Illustrated Glossary of Pali Terms has "limpid" as an option, which might align with your use of "pure". Though serene seems like a reasonable option too.

Thanissaro article comparing saṁvega and pasāda.

He says pasāda is a complex emotion encompassing many meanings, including 'confidence' that the Buddha's teaching on the Deathless works.

Thanissaro said elsewhere:

Pasanno/pasāda is one of those Pali words that has a range of meaning that can’t be captured in a single English word.
Pasanno is used to describe water that’s clear and bright. Applied to the mind, it means not only clear and bright, but also, in some contexts, confident.

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