Thursday, April 15, 2021

Teachers who teach 4 Jhānas according to EBT (Early Buddhist Teachings), not LBT redefinition of jhāna

EBT = early buddhist teachings

LBT = late buddhist teachings, such as Visuddhimagga, medieval and late period Abhidhamma

🔗 all his writings and sutta translations.

🔗 his monastery in southern california.

🔗audio dhamma talks

(Frankk: I've read most of his writings, stayed at his monastery, listened to many of his talks, interacted with him, asked challenging questions, and always came away impressed. 

Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu also has tons of audio dhamma talks recorded from the monastery that he gives from his morning and evening teachings. So they release over a hundred audios every year. The morning talks tend to be 10-15 minutes or so, and people tend to use them at home as guided meditations to start off their quiet sitting practice.
This is one of the best resources available in the world, it's free, and as far as I can tell heavily underutilized, based on my observation of how little most Buddhists grasp the differences between Early and Later forms of Buddhism. )

See his book "beyond mindfulness in plain english", much details on jhana in there.
Avoid his old books where he still followed LBT redefinition of jhana.
🔗Bhante G. collection of books, audio, etc.

(Frankk: I've never met him in person, but from reading his books, especially 'beyond mindfulness in plain English [goes into detail on 4 jhānas]', it's clear he's a skilled meditator and his views on jhāna as they evolved from his earlier LBT views, are coherent and congruent with EBT now.)

Ajahn Sona

Especially the 6 talks titled jhana(1)... jhana(6).

audio and video talks on jhāna from his youtube channel

(Frankk: I've never met him, have only read a little bit of his material, but the 6 talks on jhāna linked above seem to be in line with EBT suttas)

Keren Arbel 

Early Buddhist Meditation: The Four Jhānas as the Actualization of Insight

She has a Phd in Buddhist Philosophy, teaches Buddhism and Psychology at a University, translated some Pāḷi suttas into Hebrew,  as well as teaching Buddhist meditation and doing 2 months of solitary retreat every year.

(Frankk: I've never met her, but I highly recommend her book. The book is expensive, but here she wrote a free short summary: PDF essay-link )

More info about some of the teachers mentioned in this article:

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  1. I believe Ajahn Sucitto could be included in this list. Check out the chapter on Jhana in his book:

      the matter has been discussed here

  2. Hi, what do you think about Ajahn Nyanamoli Thero's teachings on Jhana?