Thursday, April 15, 2021

Teachers who teach 4 Jhānas correctly, according to EBT suttas, not LBT redefinition of jhāna

EBT = early buddhist teachings

LBT = late buddhist teachings, such as Visuddhimagga, medieval and late period Abhidhamma

🔗 all his writings and sutta translations.

🔗 his monastery in southern california.

🔗audio dhamma talks

See his book "beyond mindfulness in plain english", much details on jhana in there.
Avoid his old books where he still followed LBT redefinition of jhana.
🔗Bhante G. collection of books, audio, etc.

Ajahn Sona

Especially the 6 talks titled jhana(1)... jhana(6).

audio and video talks on jhāna from his youtube channel

More info about some of the teachers mentioned in this article:

4👑☸ → EBpedia📚 → Who's Who?🦉   

Forum Discussion, nominate other teachers who teach EBT jhāna

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