Sunday, October 17, 2021

🔗📝 MN 125 collection of external notes and research


● MN 125 - 🔗🔊 28m, Danta-bhūmi: Tamed-level:
Gradual training of monk using simile of training wild elephant.


Explanation of why CST4 burmese canon MN 125 has a big error (assuming Thai and Sri Lankan have same errors), and saving a copy of the buggy 2020 version of MN 125 before I replace it with a new one removing said error:

MN 125 archive of pali + english buggy version

You're going to want to study this next linked article carefully again and again, because it makes it extremely clear many aspects of satipatthana coinciding with the four jhanas, and what imperturbability really means in 4th jhana (as opposed to formless attainments). 

Here's an analysis of Thai version differing from other pali versions and agama MA 198

MN 125 thai pali version on satipatthana first jhana section differs from burmese, sri lankan, and Chinese Agama MA 198

You ready to do battle with Mara?

MN 125 and MA 198 imperturbability developed by 4 jhanas is equivalent to khamo (resilience) of AN 5.113 and AN 5.139

similes that match

MN 125 and MA 198 four jhanas simile and war elephant: how on earth does that resemble Ajahn Brahm and Vism. redefinition of "jhana"?

new, 10/17/2021 This means you can hear sounds in first jhana (as well as all 4 jhanas)

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