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🔗📝 notes on S&S🐘💭: sati & sam-pajāno, remembering & lucid-discerning


internal notes:

4👑☸ → ☂️🌄 → 7🐘 → S&S🐘💭  

S&S🐘💭 = sati & sampajāno

See definition for sati 7🐘.
Sati in isolation (without sampajāno) occasionally just means the pre-buddhist remembering faculty SN 48.9.
But most of the time, Sati in isolation (without sampajāno) is intended to slurp in S&S🐘💭4sp🐘, or even 7sb☀️.
Sati with Sampajāno is an explicit declaration that the specialized Buddhist meaning of 4sp🐘 is intended.

sampajāno = lucid-discerning

in verb form: pajānāti (he discerns). See SN 54.1MN 103⚡💭.
Frequently occurs in the phrase S&S🐘💭 sati & sampajāno.
Sampajāno is what Dhamma-vicaya 2💭🕵️ (Dharma investigation) does in the 7sb☀️ awakening factors.
Sampajāno is equivalent and/or closely associated with pañña/discernment 5👁, vimāmsa/discrimination of 4ip 🌕⚡, right view 1👁, vipassana/insight (see SN 46.3).

external notes:

🔗📝 ☸Dhamma-anu-passana 🐘: collection of notes

sampajāno = lucid-discerning, not "situational awareness" (B. Sujato translation)

these are 3 important things I learned 

after decades of trying to decipher confusing interpretations and translations of 'mindfulness' meditation.

There's only a few minutes worth of reading words here, but unless you've discovered some of the same things in your practice, it may take some time for it to sink in. Chew slowly and savor :)

1. Satipaṭṭhāna: "mindfulness" is continuous, moment to moment, to be done all the time.

2. Sati-'paṭṭhāna ("mindfulness meditation"): There's no need to translate the literal 'seeing' in there as 'contemplation'

3. B. Bodhi's translation of satipaṭṭhāna formula: "contemplating the body in the body": what does that even mean?


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