Saturday, October 30, 2021

🔗📝 notes on S&S🐘💭: sati & sam-pajāno, remembering & lucid-discerning


internal notes:

4👑☸ → ☂️🌄 → 7🐘 → S&S🐘💭  

S&S🐘💭 = sati & sampajāno

See definition for sati 7🐘.
Sati in isolation (without sampajāno) occasionally just means the pre-buddhist remembering faculty SN 48.9.
But most of the time, Sati in isolation (without sampajāno) is intended to slurp in S&S🐘💭4sp🐘, or even 7sb☀️.
Sati with Sampajāno is an explicit declaration that the specialized Buddhist meaning of 4sp🐘 is intended.

sampajāno = lucid-discerning

in verb form: pajānāti (he discerns). See SN 54.1MN 103⚡💭.
Frequently occurs in the phrase S&S🐘💭 sati & sampajāno.
Sampajāno is what Dhamma-vicaya 2💭🕵️ (Dharma investigation) does in the 7sb☀️ awakening factors.
Sampajāno is equivalent and/or closely associated with pañña/discernment 5👁, vimāmsa/discrimination of 4ip 🌕⚡, right view 1👁, vipassana/insight (see SN 46.3).

external notes:

sampajāno = lucid-discerning, not "situational awareness" (B. Sujato translation)


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