Tuesday, March 19, 2019

🧘🐢FLT: Full Lotus Turtle - A comprehensive guide to sitting meditation postures

(work in progress)

🧘🐢FLT: Full Lotus Turtle 

- A comprehensive guide to sitting meditation postures

A taoist immortal said, the full lotus posture is twice as energetically effective as any other cross leg sitting posture. There are other benefits as well. But even if you don't aspire to sit full lotus, or even sit cross legged on the floor, there are important health and posture tips that applies to everyone, whether you sit on the chair or lie down. 

The exercises

  • 🎱🦍 Eight Pieces of Gorilla

    1. 👣 Buddha takes a stand
    2. 🚶🚶🚶 march of the arahants
    3. 🧘🐢 FLT: Full Lotus Turtle goes around the world
    4. 🐳🐉 swimming dragon in repose
    5. 🐙 Subtle medusa rules heaven and earth
    6. 🐯 mountainside archer surrounded by tigers
    7. 🦅🐉 flying with the dragons
    8. 🦍🎵 Gorilla jazz improv
    (4👑☸) →    ☯🦍   👣   🚶   🐢   🐳   🐙   🐯   🦅   🎵 (⤴)

Misc. and unsorted items

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