Sunday, March 17, 2019

In pictures: ✅☸ sammā samādhi, 4 jhānas vs. ⛔VRJ and ⛔ABRJ

This is your mind in  ✅☸ sammā samādhi, 4 jhānas

The elephant is sati.
The mahout (elephant rider) is sampajāno.
The weapons are ☸Dhamma.
Samādhi is how sharp and potent the weapons are.

This is your mind in ⛔VRJ and ⛔ABRJ  (Vism. and Ajahn Brahm re-definition of Jhāna)

(see VRJ🐍 and Jabrama🤡-jhana).

Any Questions?

Take a closer look at the Mahout.

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  1. "Samādhi is how sharp and potent the weapons are."

    Do you want to suggest that in VRJ and ABRJ there is almost no samadhi at all? The Buddha explains samadhi as the four jhanas in the Satipatthana Sutta. I wonder whether sharpness of the weapons is the right metaphor for samadhi.

    The chain nicely represents "being stuck" in the VRJ jhana.