Thursday, August 15, 2019

If you witness a crime and you don't do something about it, you're a criminal

Here's a great database with brief descriptions where brave individuals often had to face great hardship, like getting fired from their job, ostracized from their church and family, for doing the right thing.

Preserving the sanctity of the EBT, is a duty that falls on all of us. If you witness the Dhamma being molested, are cognizant of it,  and you don't do something about it, you are complicit in the crime.

If you were not cognizant of it, did not understand it was a crime, but it was later explained to you clearly, then you have a duty to do.

If you were not cognizant of it, but it was explained to you, and you intentionally did not pay attention to the explanation and willfully avoided looking at the evidence, then you are complicit in the crime.

Re: if you witness a crime

Post by frank k » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:42 am
santa100 wrote: 
Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:08 am
...So without jumping into conlusion about whether those venerables are corrupt or not, it's certainly a legit. point that lay folks should be whistleblowers and to speak up when seeing corruptions/misconducts. And don't worry about overdoing it, for right now, there're far more rules and regulations being done to corporate employees than those for monastics. An employee showing inappropriate behavior to his female co-worker? He could say good-bye to his job the next day. A monk/priest has sex with bunch of young followers? It could takes decades to get him convicted!
The really sad thing about your linked article, is when I saw the opening lines that it was about a Cardinal accused recently, I had to ask myself not only which Cardinal, but which Cardinal who is a senior citizen who has been doing this for decades, and not only which senior citizen Cardinal, but from which country?

When the Boston Globe award winning news team did that expose on Catholic priests a while back, one of the most astounding things I learned was that the experts could even give a pretty accurate estimate on how many child molesting priests there were just based on statistics, the same way car insurance actuaries come up with figures they use to calculate accident rates for various demographics, and what they need to charge to make a profit. So in normal population, say about 4% of adult males are child molesters, then out of 2000 clergymen, they could confidently predict at least 80 priests
were probably guilty, and the conviction rates indeed ended up being close to or exceeded the rates of the world population rate.

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